And now, a word from Ricky

Hi to Belvoirians 1966,

All of us, Lolly, Don and Rick, thank all of you who came by to the 50th reunion last night here in Beachwood. As in 2011, it was fantastic meeting again and catching up on the ups and downs and all arounds of the last 50 years. Again, special thanks to those who traveled, some a long drive or flight, and to those who contributed to the pot luck. For those who couldn’t be there this time, well, we’ll just have to do it again!

As 5 years ago, the subject of when we could do again was on almost everyone’s minds. I know my father’s class did a reunion here in Cleveland every summer, and it is still going on well over 70 years since their CHHS graduation. Maybe in some cases more is more.

Thanks to all for a great evening of warmth and friendship and conversation. We’re looking forward to the next occasion!

Lolly, Don and Rick